Sculpture by the Sea Commissioned Sculpture 2005:

Bird Sculptural Panel by Ami Marsden BA (hons)

(work in progress photos)

Proposed site: Blackpill

Welsh Oak. Size: 33x45"x1.5"

The oak panel will illustrate some of Swansea Bay's rare sea birds. Carvings of Gulls and Oystercatchers will be in both base relief and three dimensions, added both to the surface and overlapping the edges of the panel. Some will also be cut out of the panel leaving silhouettes of birds in flight. It will be mounted on two wooden legs and attached to the path wall where it meets the sand. The height will be such that adults, children and people in wheelchairs will all benefit as they watch the flight of birds in their landscape and the changing views through the silhouettes.The silhouettes of the birds indicate their rarity and the need for the SSSI. The photo images of the birds are all to be carved separately, then attached. The drawing of the Oystercatchers on the back are to be carved directly into the panel in releif and the shape on the edge of the panel is a bird's head, breaking the formality of line.