Loughor Foreshore Park Sculpture Project 2011

During 2011, Sculpture by the Sea UK undertook a special commission from Groundwork to work with the community of Loughor to design sculptures for this beautiful foreshore park set beside the estuary in Swansea. Artists Ami Marsden and Sara Holden worked with local Loughor primary schools, Tre-Uchaf and Casllwchwr to gather ideas and make designs before they made the final sculptures. The new art pieces have been installed in the park and on Friday, 9th December 2011 were officially unveiled by the Lord Mayors of Swansea and Carmarthen and Edwina Hart AM.

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The Lord Mayors admiring the fine carving on the interpretation coping stones depicting the flora and fauna of the park beside the Loughor Estuary.



Little Egret on Totemic Plinth was designed by Casllwcher Primary School pupils and made by Sara Holden The species can be seen reguarly at the park and feeds mainly on fish and small crustacions from the estuary which are carved into the plinth.


Scenes from the old Broadoak colliery at Loughor were designed by Casllwchwr and Tre-Uchaf pupils and carved into the reclaimed timber from Swansea Docks.


Sara Holden carving the 4th side of the plinth



The designs for 38 Coping stones set on five walls overlooking the estuary were by the pupils of both Casllwchwr and Tre-Uchaf Primary Schools and carved by Ami Marsden for the interpretation area. They illustrate the flora and fauna of the Loughor estuary and park.



The Entrance Features concentrate on the rich and varied industrial history of Loughor. They were designed by the pupils of both Casllwchwr and Tre-Uchaf Primary Schools and carved by Ami Marsden.


Footprints on the entrance pieces depict continual transition from past to future.

Trout carved into the Little Egret Plinth. This was one of four sides designed by Casllwchwr Primary school depicting the food for this bird that has made the Loughor estuary its home. Local green oak from Penclawdd was used for both the sculpture and the plinth.

Carved wing feathers of the Little Egret.







Drawings and sketch book work by Casllwchwr Primary for the little egret sculpture

The Little Egret

Park Entrance Sculptures

Photos by Phil Holden



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Site Specific Commissions Swansea Foreshore

As part of the Sculpture by the Sea U.K. Festival 05/Cerflun ar lan y Mor Gwyl an inspirational sculpture competition to celebrate the fine art and link the community of Swansea with Europe in an artistic and environmental way was also organised. The competition features three site specific sculptures created by European Artists whose works will mark the festival's special SSSI site boundaries, on the foreshore between Knab Rock and Singleton in the beautiful bay of Mumbles on the Gower Peninsula. The concepts for these sculptures have been developed through the Welsh, Gaelic and French cultures to celebrate the links between twinned towns Mumbles in Wales, Kinsale in Ireland and Henebont in France together with aspects about the special scientific site where the event will be held. The site is a bird scantuary for species such as Oystercatchers, Grey Plovers, Bar-tailed Godwits, Dunlins and others. The works chosen in some way incorporate these aspects, reflecting and marking the special site. The three sculptures will form a special trail along the foreshore. The competition was put out to the arts community in 2005 and the following Artists featured below were selected for the commissions.




Parks Development Dept. and Nature Conservation Team



The Artists and their Sculpture


Ami Marsden BA (hons)

Sculpture No. 1: Bird Sculptural Panel

Proposed site: Blackpill

Welsh Oak

Size: 33x45"x1.5"



Proposed Sculpture: Bird Sculptural Panel

Ami Marsden

Front and Back Views


To see work in progress on Ami's sculpture click on the photo

The oak panel will illustrate some of Swansea Bay's rare sea birds. Carvings of Gulls and Oystercatchers will be in both base relief and three dimensions, added both to the surface and overlapping the edges of the panel. Some will also be cut out of the panel leaving silhouettes of birds in flight. It will be mounted on two wooden legs and attached to the path wall where it meets the sand. The height will be such that adults, children and people in wheelchairs will all benefit as they watch the flight of birds in their landscape and the changing views through the silhouettes.

The silhouettes of the birds indicate their rarity and the need for the SSSI. The photo images of the birds are all to be carved separately, then attached. The drawing of the Oystercatchers on the back are to be carved directly into the panel in relief and the shape on the edge of the panel is a bird's head, breaking the formality of line.



Michael Marriott FRBS, NDD.

Sculpture No. 2: Bird Totem

Proposed Site: Stone Promentary on foreshore, Opposite Brynmill Lane

Size: 15 - 20 feet

Bird Totem

Michael Marriott


The sculpture will be constructed from local natural materials. Two to three carved pine poles will support a symbolic bird's nest and eggs woven from willow. The top section is designed to move with the direction of the wind using two bird's wings and a feather pointer carved from wood. Beneath the nest, some wires are stretched to create wind sounds.


Rorie Brophy B.A.(hons)

Sculpture No. 3: Feather Form

Proposed Site: Knab Rock, Mumbles

Aluminous Cement and steel


This sculpture will be constructed from 3D white concrete discs of varying sizes. The discs will be threaded like a necklace onto a 50mm thick steel bar. When complete, they will form a beautiful and simple abstracted feather form.Each disc is heavily textured, it has the appearance of some strange fossilised surface, it tells a story of interdependence, of life, death, continuation, erosion and the weight of time.The work of art is designed to interact harmoniously within a natural and open environment. Its shape and stark white colour lend it a classical authority. From a distance it presents a simple and elegant profile. Closer up and it begins to reveal every increasing complexity, every visible surface is deeply textured with shells, bird skulls, bones, feathers and the complex visual aesthetic of life. Like Fractal Geometry, the closer you look the more complexity is revealed.

The artists above have all been commissioned to create their sculptures and we are looking ahead to installation of the sculptures to create the special sculpture trail on Swansea Foreshore for everyone to enjoy in the near future.


All Photos by Phil Holden Copyright Sculpture by The Sea/The Artist 2006


Sculpture by the Sea U.K. /Cerflun ar lan y Mor were shortlisted finalists for the National Lottery Awards 06 for the "Most Innovative Project"- selected from 460 other projects for the Welsh Finals.




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