Nature into Art Project 2012

Gower Peninsula, Swansea

Prosiect Natur i Gelfyddyd, Penrhyn Gwyr, Abertawe

Please scroll down to see our special feature on the project. Sgroliwch i lawr i weld ein herthygl arbennig am y prosiect.

Project supported by Welsh Government

Sustainable Development Fund



Our project aim is to connect and engage the community with their local environment in a positive and creative way that benefits both the people and the environment. We have set out to use the stunning landscape of the beautiful and tranquil Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as both inspiration and a location for an interesting and thought provoking journey of discovery and creativity. It is our objective to achieve a sense of place and environmental awareness for workshop participants, as well as enhancing their creativity and well-being. The life-long learning skills that they gain will ultimately help preserve the beautiful land and seascapes of Gower for future generations. Each year of the project, our team of artists run sixty workshops in the environment for the Gower community. Schools and groups take part in the project during term time, whilst the whole community gets involved in the annual sculpture festival on Gower beaches in the summer holidays.The Nature into Art project is a sustainable one that uses natural, found or recycled materials. It teaches contemporary as well as traditional art techniques whilst unravelling and discovering local characteristics of culture, wildlife, landscape and land use to use as concepts for contemporary, meaningful artworks that convey special messages to the wider community. The project also provides work for a team of local trained artists, enabling them to share their creative insights and skills with the community in a sustainable way that nurtures both people and place. The ephemeral nature of the activities and artworks has been captured in a series of quality photographs that document and highlight the project, showing the enjoyment and focus of our many project participants, as they respond to their environment in an emphatic and creative way. Some of these are showcased in the accompanying feature of photographs below.Please scroll down to see our special feature on the project. The festival for the community is featured on our festival pages.




Sculpture by the Sea’s inspiring project is an educational programme of art workshops on the theme of nature for the Community of Gower

Edwina Hart AM and young Bodhi officially open the Exhibition of Photographs of the Nature into Art Project at the Gower Wildflower Cafe at Blackhills, Gower on February 8th. The Exhibition will show until August 2013.







Please scroll down again to see our special feature on the project. Sgroliwch i lawr i weld ein herthygl arbennig am y prosiect.

Mae prosiect ysbrydoledig Cerflunio ar lan y Môr yn rhaglen addysgol o weithdai celf ar thema natur ar gyfer cymuned Gwyr a gynhelir gan artistiaid hyfforddedig.Nod ein prosiect yw ymgysylltu â’r gymuned a’i hannog i ymwneud â’r amgylchedd lleol mewn modd cadarnhaol a chreadigol sy’n fuddiol i’r bobl a’r amgylchedd. Rydym wedi ceisio defnyddio tirwedd hyfryd Ardal o Harddwch Naturiol Eithriadol Gwyr fel ysbrydoliaeth a lleoliad am daith ddiddorol a myfyrgar o ddarganfod a chreadigrwydd. Ein hamcan yw cyflawni ymdeimlad o le ac ymwybyddiaeth amgylcheddol ymhlith y rhai sy’n cymryd rhan yn ein gweithdai, yn ogystal â chynyddu eu creadigedd a’u lles. Bydd y sgiliau dysgu gydol oes a enillir ganddynt yn helpu yn y pen draw i ddiogelu tirweddau a morluniau hardd Gwyr ar gyfer cenedlaethau’r dyfodol. Bob blwyddyn o’r prosiect, mae ein tîm o artistiaid yn cynnal chwe deg gweithdy am yr amgylchedd ar gyfer cymuned Gwyr. Mae ysgolion a grwpiau’n cymryd rhan yn y prosiect yn ystod y tymor ysgol, ac mae’r gymuned gyfan yn cymryd rhan yn yr wyl gerflunio flynyddol ar draethau Gwyr yn ystod gwyliau’r haf. Prosiect cynaliadwy yw Natur i Gelfyddyd sy’n defnyddio deunyddiau naturiol neu’r rhai sydd wedi’u darganfod neu eu hailgylchu. Mae’n dysgu technegau celf cyfoes, yn ogystal â rhai traddodiadol, wrth ddatgelu a darganfod nodweddion lleol o ddiwylliant, bywyd gwyllt, tirwedd a defnydd tir i’w defnyddio fel syniadau ar gyfer gweithiau celf cyfoes ac ystyrlon sy’n cyfleu negeseuon arbennig i’r gymuned ehangach. Mae’r prosiect hefyd yn rhoi gwaith i artistiaid lleol wedi’u hyfforddi, gan eu galluogi i rannu eu syniadau a’u sgiliau creadigol â’r gymuned mewn modd cynaliadwy sy’n meithrin pobl a lle. Mae natur fyrhoedlog y gweithgareddau a’r gweithiau celf wedi cael ei phortreadu mewn cyfres o ffotograffau o safon sy’n cofnodi ac yn amlygu’r prosiect, gan ddangos boddhad a sylw y llu o gyfranogwyr y prosiect, wrth iddynt ymateb i’w hamgylchedd mewn modd pendant a chreadigol. Caiff rhai o’r rhain eu cyflwyno yn yr arddangosfa ffotograffau. Sgroliwch i lawr i weld ein herthygl arbennig am y prosiect.









Llanridian Primary School at Port Eynon Beach


The workshops at the beach were much enjoyed by the Year 4 and Year 5 children, where activities included charcoal art, weaving, sculpture from found objects, etc. to create individual and group artworks. They made open air galleries of rock art - drawings of the Salt House ruins on flat rocks using charcoal and pastels - that were much admired by passers-by. Their Sea-Weavings using coloured willow and seaweed, shells and other found objects were proudly taken back to school for their grounds. The children had great fun and enjoyed the outdoor activities, learning lots of new art techniques, whilst gaining an awareness of the beach environment.



Knelston Primary School in school grounds



The Nursery and Reception children made a variety of individual and group artworks / sculptures during the series of workshops based on nature, i.e. life cycle of butterflies and moths, weather - rainbows , etc., using natural or recycled materials. They learnt new techniques such as weaving and how to make their own natural paints from the environment as well as how to play creatively using their imaginations and resourceful ideas. They gained confidence and enhanced their fine motor skills whilst having fun in the fresh air. The children used the sculptures in games afterwards - theyenjoyed skipping through the rainbow arch which had a pot of gold at one end! (buttercups in a woven basket).

Crwys Primary School at Crwys Woodland




The Year 4 and Year 5 children enjoyed their workshops at the newly opened Woodland where they recorded in little nature booklets the textures, colours, patterns of the place as well drawings of trees and plants. They also wove a rainbow arch over the pathway from coloured willow and made little figures in the landscape using found sticks for bodies and leaves/grasses for details like faces, hair and clothing. They made mini coracles from willow and large leaves to try out back at school in the sinks! They gained an excellent awareness of the place and a special sensitivity towards nature through the workshops, as well as learning new skills and techniques. The children also made these beautiful circular pictures using samples of nature to depict what they saw.


Knelston Primary School in school grounds

The Year 4 and Year 5 children worked in mini nature books to record colours and textures from their school field and learnt how to make natural paints. They explored and observed nature in autumn and the different flora and fauna. They made woven bird sculptures in groups from coloured willow and decorated with leaves and other found materials.Other site specific sculptures were made based on wildlife, such as a hummingbird, raven, reindeer and squirrels using found materials including leaves and sticks. They also made hanging mobile sculptures by threading leaves and sticks onto string which were hung from trees and some in the classroom. They learnt how to make print plates from recycled and found materials - leaves attached to foam - and the process of printing. The leaf prints were a great way of teaching the children about the shapes and sizes of leaves from different tree species in their school grounds. The prints have been put into a classroom display of the Nature Into Art project together with photos to raise awareness.

Penclawd Primary in school grounds


The children worked on combining their school theme of Happiness with the Nature into Art theme. They made dried cast leaves from paper using found leaves from their school grounds which they glued to crowns to wear made from twisted sheets of tissue paper. The remaining leaves were hung from a 6' cardboard tree painted red by the children together with rubbings from the school grounds and pictures of happiness they drew. The resulting Autumn Tree of Happiness was a source of pride for the children. They learnt about their natural environment, the changing of the seasons and how to identify different leaves.


Pennard Primary School in school grounds



The children had a class theme of the Human Body that was incorporated into the Nature Into Art workshops. They worked with the 'Green Man' image to create sculptures and patterns using found materials in the natural environment. From this, they created masks by using collages of found flora from the nature reserve. They plaited and weaved the vegetation into appropriate shapes which was stuck onto card. This drew attention to what is growing in the school's immediate environment, which was discussed throughout the workshop stimulating appreciation of a green space. The children used their own ideas to make very interesting Green Man masks which they found great fun to wear and blend in with the background.

Bishopston Comprehensive School


Students at Bishopston Comprehensive worked with their artist to produce paintings based on nature and the work of Welsh Artist Mary Lloyd who paints the light in landscape. Each student made a series of artworks that were then incorporated into a large welcome sign to hang at the school entrance. The colourful artwork was a great way to combine the work of 100 students. The young people enjoyed working collaboratively on the project with an artist to create work that they were proud of. The project linked in well with their school art curriculum.



1st Three Crosses Girl Guides

The 1st Three Crosses Girls Guides worked with their artist during their workshops to make plaster molds of leaves, shells and other found objects from their natural environment.A tile sized piece of clay was used to press the objects into and create a 3D pattern before pouring plaster in to make the cast. These were then fired with recycled glass to make beautiful nature pictures for the girls to keep and treasure. They learnt the practical and creative techniques of pattern making, clay working, plaster mold-making and glass tile making. They enjoyed learning the new art techniques and mediums as well as using special found objects as both inspiration and materials. This created an awareness of local species which was discussed as the work was created.







Text and photographs c. Sculpture by the Sea UK 2013

Sculpture by the Sea UK Ltd. ,specialise in environmental art outdoor workshops and events for children and communities. For further information about workshops or events, please contact Sara Holden on 01792 367571 or

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