14th Sept 2014

Caswell Bay,









Sara Holden

Tina-Marie Cunningham

Dave Marchant,

Catrin Jones

Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

The second day of the September leg of the festival was again held at beautiful Caswell Bay as part of The Love Your Countryside Festival. The event was a 'Hub' day for lots of different environmental activities in both Bishops Wood and Caswell Beach and our sculpture festival again focussed on marine species for inspiration for the art being created.

The 'Indian Summer' being enjoyed after a wonderful hot summer was perfect weather to spend a day being creative making sculptures and learning about the beach environment. People keen to have another few days on the beach this year began to arrive at the start of the day. The tide was lapping at the foot of the beach steps but as it receded, the beach began to reveal itself and the artists made the most of the small patches of sand that started to appear. As more people arrived, the beach was already looking like an open air gallery with some interesting sculptures being made from the found objects and materials on the beach. Children delightfully got stuck in with lots of ideas and enthusiasm to work with the artists and others, making new friends. Scroll down to see the rest of the photo feature and read some of the festival participants' comments.


As the tide receded, more sculptures were made in the golden sands.

Pebbles of different hues, shells and charcoal spiral.

A tiny mermaid is the perfect sculpture for a little girl


The sculpture festival was a great place to explore with lots of activity and art works

all over the beach to inspire everyone.





Amazing sculptures the children made! We already have a big interest in the countryside and were pleased to be involved with this event.

It was really good to learn about leatherback turtles while making the sculptures.

How lovely!

The event was very entertaining with a good atmosphere and great organisation.

We enjoyed making sculptures in the sand.

It's great!

The event was very enjoyable and great for the children's imagination.

Once lovingly made, A turtle heads for the sea!

Specially selected pebbles and shells were used to decorate a turtle.


A seal crafted by these teenagers was a wonderful activity to celebrate

Alex's birthday after a refreshing surf!

The finishing touches are added to the seal

A sea serpent emerges from the depths of the beach

Large scale works engaged children and artists all day

Bringing water for the sculptures was an important job!

We love any new sand based ideas as we live near the beach,

Fantastic event with great new ideas for sand making activities. It was an important community event. It is important to get more people interested in their countryside and the impact we have on it.

I made a castle with an underground tunnel.

I made a fantastic sculpture of a red indian and dug a pit.

Great activity.

Lovely and the children really enjoyed.


Big Chief Hawk Eye was created from found objects on the beach - charcoaled wood and feathers.


The vast sandy beach was a perfect canvas for doing large scale drawings

for others to discover and enjoy.

The festival gave youngsters the opportunity to use their imagination and ollow through their ideas to make their own meaningful sculptures.

Geometric patterns were drawn into the sand to create mazes and labyrinths for fun and adventure.


The festival was a an opportunity was families to do something creative together.

Making a crab was an absorbing activity.


Having conversations with the artists about art and nature.



Great idea!

The festival was a wonderful opportunity for all ages to meet, create and learn.

Good fun!

Kids really enjoyed and learnt some interesting stuff.


Relaxed event and easy to get involved. Attractive to passing children and great fun. We gained lots of new ideas.

The event was very enjoyable.


A patchwork of happy creative memories. The day was a wonderful finale to another year of our annual festival.

Thank you to everyone for making our Sculpture festival such a success again in 2014.

Whilst the festival had been going on the beach, there was lots to discover too at Bishops Wood

as well as a special sculpture trail by Sculpture by the Sea UK working with local schools. See below for link to the Every child Outside Sculpture Trail page.


All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2014

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