Amroth Beach,


Tuesday, 28th August

Artists: Tina-Marie Cunningham, Dave Welton and Sara Holden

The Pembrokeshire leg of the festival ran over three days at the end of the school holidays. Amroth beach was the location for days of an enjoyable creative buzz in the August sun.

The general public had a chance to work with a selection of professional artists with a range of backgrounds and skills. All with a deep interest in the natural environment. Dave Welton made stunning stone sculptures from the array of smooth pebbles found on the beach, which changed with shadows throughout the day.



The amonites in this area inspired different spiral sculptures.


Ingenious artworks by Dave Welton and team. Fish Bone created from hundreds of different matched pebbles.

Tina Cunningham created willow and pebble wave sculptures with members of the public along the beach.

People joined in throughout the day making work with the artists and developing work on their own.

They enjoyed the opportunity to show off their creative ideas and skills, as well as helping to raise awareness of the environment and its creatures.



Children create a huge crab with Sara Holden using red and orange stones.

It's a thumbs up for this interesting creation.

All smiles for two lads on the beach making art.

It had been a great first day for the Amroth Festival with lots of local and holidaying participants. They all took much pleasure in artistically highlighting the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline and its wonderful wildlife. They had made the place their own for a day, focusing on the inspiration around them and hoping to pass on an urgent message - to remember and appreciate before it is too late.


Thank you to all our sponsors

Amroth Castle Holiday Park

All photos Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2007

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