Day 1

Saturday, 11th August

Caswell Bay, Gower


Artists: Jo Steadman, Esther Ley,Sara Holden and Viv Rhule

Moving to Gower for the next part of the festival, at beautiful Caswell Bay, the sun continued to blaze down and the beach was packed with people keen to be creative and take part. Viv Rhule and helpers created a willow avenue to wander down the beach and link the sculptures that began to appear on the beach during the day.

Swansea's Junior Park Rangers arrived to work with Sara Holden in creating a giant sea horse from sand and pebbles with feather wings, as well as sea lookout tipees from willow.

Participants enthusiastically worked with Jo Steadman to create an arched trail, seaweed pictures, fishes and starfish as well as rafts and mini cairns. At times, it seemed the whole beach was making things. Lots of people came to see what was happening and were very positive with their comments.


The Connect Project again supported the festival this year with performances of Neptune's Fortunes set the music of Labi Safri and choreographed by John Jenkins. They also brought the Totem sculpture they had made from recycled materials. (opposite)

Families worked together to produce interesting and meaningful sculptures.

Viv gets her knitting needles out for a spot of seaweed knitting. A woman watching in her deckchair turned out to be a knitter and soon joined in.


A beautiful crab by teenager Molly, who made several sculptures at Caswell.

Rock Art by Esther Ley and Team

(natural washable pigments used)


Mini Cairns and Willow boats

A sea monster from sand

by a young festival goer

By the end of the day, the beach was buzzing with excitement as people enjoyed showing their sculptures to others in an open air display. It was a great day which was well supported by the public and the beach businesses. Children and their families came to thank the artists on their way home after an fun and creative time. People asked where we were going to be on the next day. Caswell again!

Nature Conservation Team

Beach Cafes at Caswell

Thank you to all our sponsors

All photos by Phil Holden /Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2007

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