Day 2

Bracelet Bay

Friday, 10th August


Artists: Jo Steadman, Esther Ley, Ami Marsden, Tina-Marie Cunningham, Sara Holden, Tafadzwa Gundu and the Ali sisters.

Sea breezes with sunshine bathed the beach all morning allowing participants time to create some visual delights. There was a general relaxed but also vibrant atmosphere. Children were excited and enthusiastic with lots of imaginative ideas. Seeing the artists and participants seemed to inspire and interest visitors to the beach. They were interested in the theme of the festival to educate and make people more aware of environmental issues and concerns.

Rock UFO by Esther Ley and team



Teenagers and Gran weaving a wave

Participants were very involved in thinking of ways to problem solve elements of design and ways of using different materials.

A beautiful mosaic made of coloured stones

Sea serpent by Tina Cunningham and helpers made from pink rocks reflected the unique landscape of Bracelet Bay.

People worked together tirelessly making sculptures, making new friends, enjoying the sunny weather and fresh sea air.


Sea anemones and sea cucumbers were made from willow and sea weed by Jo Steadman and participants.

Our participants' creativity was enhanced by the realisation of being able to use every day and found materials, resulting in a true sense of achievement.

Sara Holden and helpers make stone and willow cairns.


Sculptures made were site specific and gave an environmental awareness to people participating or visiting the beach.


A rain storm in the afternoon had interrupted our festival for a while but a second group of people arrived as the sun reappeared. to see and admire the sculptures all along the beach. The tide later took back and re-arranged her treasures on the shore. Bracelet Bay had been the perfect place to hold our environmental arts festival and it had been well attended and appreciated. We packed away the festival tent and banners ready to put up at our next venue at Caswell Bay the next day!

Nature Conservation Team

Thank you

to all our sponsors

All Photos Copyright SBS 07

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