Caswell Bay, Gower

Artists: Dave Marchant,Viv Rhule, Sara Holden, Esther Ley, Tafadzwa Gundu, Sarah Griffin and Owen Griffiths

For the second day of the festival, Caswell Bay was the perfect choice. A heavy downpour first thing soon subsided to a hot and sunny day. The beach was quickly full of festival goers keen to try their hand at some sculpture.

People loved the idea of using the natural materials together with the wildlife theme and some very ambitious sculptures begun to appear as inhibitions disappeared and they got creative!



A large maze was drawn up and dug out by several of the artists and participants. The remaining sections became excellent negotiating paths for excited participants to dribble and bounce footballs around


Rainbow installation - coloured plastic collected from the beaches and displayed from a drain hole at the Caswell Festival, illustrates how our beaches and wildlife are becoming endangered through man's thoughtless acts.


The workshops gave children and adults the permission or opportunity to play, which is an essential part of creativity. Both their well being and sense of creativity was enhanced and the memories of the workshops will allow them to carry on exploring and creating.


A fine balance between art and nature.

Carved sand channel sculpture - in a race against the tide, there was lots of excitement as the tide brought this group sculpture to life.

Marine life found at the site formed the basis of discussions and were turned into artwork, such as fish and starfish.

The Discovery Group made some great sculptures at the festival and enjoyed a fun day out.

Two swimming sharks by a holidaying family.


Even people who would not normally do art had got involved. A number of people just seemed to enjoy the alternative gallery experience and took lots of photos. We had spread a powerful message to people through the sculptures - to look after and appreciate our very special, precious and limited natural resources, to think of and see the beauty of our wildlife and beaches. This message would be carried on at our next destination for the festival - Sandfields beach in Swansea.


A good likeness is achieved in the fine sands at Caswell.



As the tide moved rapidly up the beach at the end of our day at Caswell, the artists and their participants took a last look at their beautiful artworks. It had been an inspirational and happy time for all, making the sort of good memories that we would all remember for years to come. We collected the banners and flags and hoped that tomorrow the festival would be again be well attended - with good weather - at Sandfields Beach!

Thank you to our kind sponsors.

All photos by Phil Holden/Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2008

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