Amroth Beach, Pembrokeshire

Thursday 30th August 2007


Artists: Toby Downing, Tina-Marie Cunningham, Clare Ferguson Walker and Sara Holden

On our final day of the festival, further up the beach towards nearby Wiseman's Beach, the day begun with damp, drizzly weather. This, however, did not dampen the Artists' enthusiasm and they continued to create their meaningful sculptures. Toby Downing and team spent the day making a huge mathematical maze from the perfect but soggy sand. Entrance and exit signs were picked out in large grey stones and all day long, excited children and adults tried to solve it.

The maze could be seen from the road above and people desperately tried to find parking spaces so their children could join in. They were glad to find something to do in the school holidays that was free, for a change!

Maze by Toby Downing and participants

The damp weather didn't seem to put off this bathing beauty on her stone lounger, created by a family.


Crocodile, by Clare Ferguson-Walker and team, was cleverly made from the beach breaker and those wonderful pebbles again!

Crabs and anything fishy was the order of the day - on the beach, rather than on a plate!

The Beach Gallery starts here - Clare Ferguson-Walker and helpers created these rock stacks from the top of the slope, all the way down to the beach. Curious visitors were soon getting involved and making their own sculptures on the beach.

Venus Mermaid by Sara Holden and helpers.


Time and Tide wait for no man- a poignant reminder that we must act now to protect our environment and wildlife.



Just enough time left though before bedtime for these young children to create a large sand pyramind ............

and of course ... climb up and slide down, again and again! What fun!

It had been a magical festival enjoyed by all. The artists gave promises that they would be back as people expressed how much they had enjoyed it. All seven days of the festival had been a wonderful mixture of culture and arts that had made the most of our heritage and beautiful Welsh landscape.




Thank you to all our sponsors

Amroth Castle

Holiday Park

All photos Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2007