Sandfields Beach, Swansea

Artists: Viv Rhule, Ami Marsden, Sara Holden, Sarah Griffin, Patricia McKenna, Tafadzwa Gundu and Rob Bermingham

Performances by Caer Las Connect Project


A Pirate Ship from driftwood

The St. Helen's sets sail from Sandfields Beach with her cheery crewsinging a sea shanty or two! Oyster chimes and bell bongos made from cans tied to the mast were played by different crew members throughout the day.

Silk flag made by St. Helen's Primary School.




Lobsters and fish danced along the beach - "Don't go near the water!" performed by the Connect Group provided a carnival feel to the festival.



A labyrinth was exciting to follow on a lovely hot summer day.

A turtle emerges from the sand,

Thirsty work


A big starfish from the Sponge Bob Cartoon was created - he even sported orange and white oyster shell trunks! Very chic!





The sand here was ideal for moulding beautiful seals which delighted and informed festival goers. At the end of the day, the beach looked beautiful adorned with the sculptures - for a place that normally has so few visitors, it was good to highlight its potential for exciting materials to make art and have fun. We looked forward to our final day of this year's festival at Blackpill beach, a favourite location for making sculpture.

Jewelled mermaid.


Thank you to our sponsors.

All photos by Phil Holden/Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2008

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