Blackpill Beach, Swansea

Artists: Sara Holden, Dave Marchant, Rob Bermingham, Ami Marsden, Sarah Griffin and Patricia McKenna

Blackpill beach is a firm favourite with the Sculpture by the Sea Artists. With its unique geographical and environmental features, (it is a protected Site of Special Scientific interest), as well as the wild and marine life there that continue to inspire sculptures, it is an interesting site to work at. Firstly the views in each direction are spectacular, to the south one can see the Mumbles and the lighthouse; whilst looking north along the sweep of the bay, Swansea and its marina come into view. Straight ahead is the curve of Port Talbot and further round, beyond the Bristol Channel, the cliffs of Ilfracombe and N. Devon can be spied on a clear day.

As the hot sun sun poured down, it turned into a Roller Coaster of a day!

The 'Roller Coaster' involved many different groups of children and adults during the day and grew into a gigantic construction made from driftwood and sand.

The Roller Coaster boat. What a ride!

- Two, four, six, eight - lay them straight!


S.O.S. by seals on our coastline.

Please take home your litter.

The beautiful ochre sands here were ideal for sculpting a family of seals with shells for eyes.

An intricate aboriginal sea horse design created with driftwood and washed up materials and shells involved different people during the day, as well as these two twin students who thoroughly enjoyed using their creative skills.


As the hot sun beats down, the beach 'Recyco' Band comes alive.



Crab Delight. An enormous sand sculpture with waving pincers is decorated with mussell and oyster shells.


Sea weaving

A young mermaid sunbathes - created from sand, sea weed and shells by festival goers.



Fish mosaic with shells






There were smiles all round from participants as the beach became alive with sculptures and people enjoying themselves being creative. It was a wonderful finale to a great festival, blessed throughout with suberb weather and an artistic community who were appreciative of our efforts to spread an environmental message - to sustain and protect our landscapes and wildlife.

Thank you to our kind sponsors.

All photos by Phil Holden/Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2008

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