Thursday, 25th July, 2013

Caswell Beach, Gower Peninsula






Artists: Ami Marsden, Sara Holden, Catrin Jones and David Pitt,

Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

The hot sunny weather of this summer was perfect to begin the annual Sculpture Festival on the beautiful Gower Peninsula with the first day at Caswell Bay. The high tide still covered all the beach as the artists set up the site with festival banners and flags but soon as it retreated, families began to arrive to take part. As the sun poured down, they got to work with buckets and spades to transform the golden sands into various marine creature sculptures, such as saltwater crocodiles, starfish, basking sharks and spider crabs! Resources were on hand to inspire and inform the artworks in the form of drawings, photos and information of different marine creatures so the workshops were both educational and fun. The children learnt the shapes, colours and markings of these creatures as well their feeding habits and other information. They thought about how to aid their conservation with the artists and what they could do to help, such as recycling and taking rubbish home. Through the workshops and gathering materials, they learnt about the beach and its natural resources.




A woven artwork with found objects



Large sand spirals were raked into the golden sands to provide interactive trails to follow and have fun. Youngsters placed a special found object, such as a feather, pebble or shell at the centre of the trail so it became a great game.



Two little boys had fun with their shark!



The children also made mobile dream catchers with willow, string and found objects such as feathers to take home which they were very happy with.


We were very pleased with the saltwater crocodile and edible crab that we created with the artists. They were very realistic with detailed adventurous designs. We also made a sea mobile from driftwood and other materials. Julia Meams and 2 children

We made a large seahorse, a whale and a mermaid and were very happy with the outcome. The children learned how to make 2D images into 3D Sculptures and enjoyed talking about wildlife. It is important to spend time learning about natural resources and it was in an enjoyable way with the art. Shelly Jones and 3 children

We found out about different marine life at the festival and our creativity was enhanced through the workshop. Anna Ruddy and 1 child

We were very happy with the jellyfish and mermaid we made. Gemma Obaid and 1 child

Making the basking shark gave the children the opportunity to work with natural materials and view other's art work. It gave us lots of ideas. Dai Evans and 4 children



The festival gave the children ideas and we made a seahorse. Mrs. Hale and 3 children

We made a starfish family - the children put their heart and soul into learning how to link sculptures and the sea life. The event was worthwile as the children learnt about the sea environment and art. Steve Goodman and 3 children

The seal and lugworm we made were great and it gave us ideas of how to use the materials. We learnt the feeding habits of the species and other information from the very friendly and knowledgable artists. We have been to the event for 3 years now and look forward to it every year. Excellent. Mr.and Mrs. Parsons and 2 grandchildren.

Environmental events like the festival are worthwhile as they get young children interested in the environment. Anthony Evans and 3 children






We made a lovely sea mobile and enjoyed the day. Ania, Julia and Ethan

It was a very enjoyable event with very pleasant, helpful and friendly artists to work with. It encouraged us to think abourt and enjoy our environment more. Isabelle and Dylan

We were very happy with our crocodile and we enjoyed being resourceful with natural materials. Camilla Coope and 2 children

The bottle-nosed dolphin we made was great and the kids were very excited by the process of sculpture. We talked about endangered marine species and looking after them. Nia Williams and 4 children

The spider crab was very interesting to make and made us think about other marine creatures on our shore. Mr. and Mrs. Folley and 2 children



A great festival day was achieved by the artists and they looked forward to the next day at Oxwich Bay.

All Photos by Phil Holden /Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2013

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