Friday, 26th July , 2013

Oxwich Beach, Gower Peninsula






Artists: Sara Holden, Ami Marsden, Catrin Jones and David Pitt,

Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

The festival continued with the next day being held at beautiful Oxwich Beach in the heart of the Gower Peninsula. The tide was still high and the turquoise waters were sparkling in the early sunlight as the artists set up the festival site with banners, flags and woven artworks. Materials were gathered from the shore such as the limestone pebbles that are a feature at this beach together with white cockle shells and a few found feathers. A log that had drifted in was made into a sculpture with mobiles of found objects hanging from it to add to the festival atmosphere. Soon families and groups began to arrive to take part and enjoy the sunshine. Sea horses and their young, leather backed turtles, starfish and other marine creatures were crafted from the beautiful ochre sand and then decorated with the limestone pebbles, shells and seaweed.




Sea Horses



An information board with pictures and information of Welsh Marine Creatures was set up on the beach to educate and inform participants of the festival and helped to make the sculptures look realistic.



Seal on the strand line


The children's creativity was enhanced by looking at shapes and learning to thread. We found out information about protected marine species which was good as most poeple don't know much about environmental issues. Mrs. Devlin and 2 children

We had a great day at the festival. Mrs. Hughes and six children

The children had the freedom to be creative during the festival and hasd a great time. Rory McMonrow and 3 children

We made Sally the Seal and had a brilliant time (our 2nd year) It was very worthwhile and Daisy loved it. Meinir Martin and Daisy

The festival was great because it gaves us ideas that parent's don't have. It was very worthwhile as it engaged children in all the wonderful things Nature provides. Rhys and Daisy and mum

We made a crocodile which was great. The festival was very worthwhile as it gives kids the opportunity to see how natural materials could be used in creative play. Sarah Savo and 3 children

The festival gave us insight into different marine species. Environmental events like this are worthwhile as they bring people together. the festival was very well executed by the artists and it was very enjoyable. Joshua Westwood and mum

The children had different ideas while playing with various things and it was nice for the children to work with artists. We made sand starfish with shells. Janet Jones and 3 grandchildren

Leatherback Tutle

We thought this was fantastic for the children. It definitely taught the children about environmental issues. Thank you and well done to the artist team. We thought it was brilliant! 14 children and 10 Dads from Kingston Upon Thames



The festival enhanced our creativity by making us more inventive, confident and by using the natural materials. We found out about the effect of littering and its effect on sea life. The event was definitely good for the spirit - great for the children being purposeful and fun. Jennifer Blake and 3 children

Environmental events like the festival are worthwhile as they give an awareness. It was brilliant. Mrs. Glass and 3 children

Our creativity was enhanced by utilising the natural elements around us and studying the makeup of the creatures - ie. patterns and colours. We learnt the importance of protecting our natural habitat. The event was worthwhile as it enlightened and it broaden the children's knowledge whilst having fun. It was absolutely splendid, very friendly and encouraging artists. Wendy Strassanti and 4 children

We made a leather backed turtle as well as other things and the children had lots of encouragement and driection from the artists. The event was something different for the children whichis especially important when you live in a very rural location and limited access to cultural and artistic events. Can we have the event every school holiday please? Angela Little and 2 children

We made a large fish and had good fun being helped by the artist. The event brought people together and made us look at the beach in a different light. It was a great event. O Barrett and 2 children.

We made a baby seahorse that the children loved. The event was entertaining and educational. Mrs. Smith and 2 children

The event helped to get the children engaged and we made a lovely sea horse. The event helpedto get young children to appreciate their surroundings. ECL Lewis and 3 children

We made a turtle and were extremely happy with it. We learnt about plastic bag danger to turtles. All participants had a fantastic day. An afternoon well spent. Mr. Lovell and 4 children

The event was fabulous and the girls loved participating in the activity to make a fish. We all loved the festival. Mrs. Johnson and 2 children

Our creativity was enhanced by the directing of the artist and we learnt to be careful with the products of nature. Event like this are worthwhile because of the sensilbilisation towards simple natural things. It was a very friendly atmosphere at the festival and a very peaceful time had by all. Mrs. Ravinleunberger and 2 children from Switzerland


All ages enjoyed taking part in the festival and entered into the spirit of it all. The day had been very successful and the artists packed away the banners and flags ready for the finale of the festival at Port Eynon Beach the next day.



Thank you to our kind sponsors:-

All Photos by Phil Holden Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2013

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