Saturday, 27th July 2013

Port Eynon Beach, Gower Peninsula






Artists: Catrin Jones, Sara Holden, Tina-Marie Cunningham and Dave Marchant

Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

The final day of the Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival was held at Port Eynon on the large sandy beach.

The beach is surrounded by dunes and grassy foreshore which provide a habitat for many wildlife species, such as butterflies, moths and dragonflies. The festival site was marked out with flags and banners together with dragonflies made from willow and translucent, shimmering fabric. Soon, families began to arrive to work with the artists to create a collection of interesting and well formed sculptures from sand and stones based on marine life as a theme.







The smooth, golden sand, still wet from the morning high tide, was perfect for digging out large creatures, such as sharks and sea horses. The flat pebbles were used to make stacked stone sculptures and cairns whilst white cockle shells were used to decorate starfish and the long tentacles of the octopus' that were springing up all over the beach! Families worked together on large scale works, enjoying the opportunity to spend time together being creative. They used resources brought by the artists to identify different marine species that they wanted to create.






The artist gve us ideas about how to make sculptures. We made a sea worm and learnt the names of shells on the beach whilst decorating it. Mr.and Mrs. Phillips and 2 children

We decorated an octopus and made a necklace. The kids were amused for an hour. Colbourne, Marsh, and Evans Families - 7 children

We made a seahorse and dolphin which we were very happy with. Events like this are very worthwhile as they raise environmental awareness. Lianna Thomas and 5 children

We made an Octopus - the children learnt how to make a sculpture from found materials. The artist spoke about endangered species and shoreline. Sue Bayliss and 4 children

The artist was great, helping us to decorate and design. The info given was very interesting and the children learnt a lot about creating with sand and nature. it was very worthwhile event and the children loved it. Lovely artists to work with. Mrs. Phillips and 5 children

The festival activities aided conservation as we learnt which marine creatures are in the local area. The children learnt through play and gained respect for the wildlife. Thank you very much. Donna Lewis and 4 children

Our creativity was enhanced by looking at different ideas with the artist to improve our own. We found our about environmental aspects whilst using natural materials to create the sculptures. The festival gave us a chance to get back to nature and for all ages to work together. It was a great experience and we gained new ideas and knowledge. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller and 2 children








The festival kept the children's imagination alive with a very rewarding outcome. We made a starfish and a fish and were very pleased with the result. Katrina, Ryan, Cai, Cohan and mum

The children were encouraged to use alternative materials to make art. The event encouraged creativity for children and family participation. Claire, Asia and Ebony

The children started doing their own work after we made a spider crab with the artist. They loved it - it was fun to combine nature and art. Mrs. Diandsi and 2 children

We made a pipe fish, stacked rock, a crab and did some weaving. We gained lots of ideas for using natural bits and pieces. We learnt about endangered marine species and problems of litter. It was a very worthwhile school holiday activity with very helpful artists. Thank you. Angela Craig and 5 children

We made a sea turtle which we were very happy with. It was good fun for the kids. Its great to engage kids with creativity. Leni Panchal and 2 children

We made a sea turtle and the children really enjoyed it. We talked about the instinction of sea turtles. Environmental events like this are worthwhile as they celebrate nature. Mrs. Marchant and 3 children

As the day drew to a close, another successful year of the festival had resulted in a beach adorned with beautiful and interesting sculptures, showing how much people - old and young alike - love nature and art. The festival had been a wonderful opportunity to look, learn and create and meet lots of new people whilst spending a day at the beach.









The artists enjoyed sharing their skills, knowledge and art with the public in inspiring places and felt that a good level of environmental awareness had been achieved through the festival. Hopefully this will result in a positive impact on the local marine environment and wildlife with more people being aware and taking care of precious natural resources.


All Photos by Phil Holden. Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2013

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