Caswell Bay, Gower




Artists: Dave Marchant,Viv Rhule, Sara Holden, Patricia McKenna, Tafadzwa Gundu, Rob Bermingham and Owen Griffiths

For the second day of the festival, Caswell Bay was an ideal venue.

The tide was a particularly high one that was still washing the beach at the beginning of the festival day. As it retreated, the artists worked with the tide to create the first sculptures.

A heavy downpour first thing soon subsided to a hot and sunny day. The beach was quickly full of festival goers keen to try their hand at some sculpture.

People loved the idea of using the natural materials together with the wildlife theme and some very ambitious sculptures begun to appear as inhibitions disappeared and they got creative!

A 'plein d'aire' gallery of sculptures stretched across the beach were admired (and created!) by all ages, including pupils from Bonymaen Secondary School.

The world is in our hand.

Marine life found at the site formed the basis of discussions and were turned into artwork, such as fish and starfish.

A woolly mamoth is made of sand and seaweed.



The mounds of 'spaghetti' sea weed were put to good use to tie together sculptures.

Reach for the sky. Bird sculpture.

A visiting family create a beautiful Celtic cross from sand and seaweed.


The workshops gave children and adults the permission or opportunity to play, which is an essential part of creativity. Both their well being and sense of creativity was enhanced and the memories of the workshops will allow them to carry on exploring and creating.

An a-mazing time was had by all ages - interactive maze sculpture.


Art coupled with Nature.

A fine balance between art and nature.

Participants' comments:

'We learnt to make things'

'It was excellent'

'The children engaged with the sea-side in a different way'

'We learnt to re-use items on the beach to create art and keep the beach clean'

'A wonderful time - will follow with interest'

'We really enjoyed it'

'At the festival, we realised creativity doesn't need to be complicated - just let it emerge. Great community atmosphere - people all work together'

'Good community spirit'

'Twelve children in total all had a great time -it really get them thinking'

'It was great for team work and using natural materials'

'Very happy with the creative process that was being shown by the artists'

'It raised environmental awareness and we had fun'




Thank you to our kind sponsors:-


Nature Conservation Team

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery



Joshua's Barbers

Angela's @ Caswell

All photos by Phil Holden/Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2009

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