Day 2

Saturday, 22nd July

Blackpill Beach, Swansea.




Artists: Viv Rhule, Ami Marsden, Sara Holden, Tina-Marie Cunningham, David Pitt, Laila Williams and Catrin Jones. Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

The second day of the annual Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival was held at Blackpill and the day began with the sun shining down and an eager crowd of people keen to make sculptures with the artists. Carrying on the theme of marine species, materials were gathered across the beach such as oyster and cockle shells together with coloured pebbles and sand to begin creating different sculptures. The island of sand beside the natural beach stream was the chosen festival area and the children kept cool paddling as they washed pebbles and collected water to mix with the sand to make the artworks.




A beautiful crab is decorated with cockle shells

Making the tentacles of an octopus



Turtles were a popular sculpture to make.

A whale made from grey limestone pebbles.


Driftwood arch, path and sea weaving was an intriguing sculptural beach installation.

People came to the festival drop in workshops at a steady stream all day making a fantastic atmosphere and some beautiful and interesting sculptures that showed off their creativity and knowledge of marine environments and creatures.


An Egyptian Spinx was carved from the excellent sand at the Blackpill Beach. Swansea sands are well known for being some of the sandiest beaches in the UK.




Sample of participants' comments at the Blackpill Festival:

The event was educational and environmental. Keith Clement and Matt.

Absolutely worthwhile event - sense of community and lovely festival. Sonja Laskey and Mores

We explored the locality with new eyes. it enhances creativity and respect /understanding for the environment. An exceptionally creative and educational family festival. Lisa Flores and Jasmine.

The festival was fun and enhanced our creativity by giving us the experience of making marine sculptures. Smber Younis and Yasmin

It was very good for the children and the artist was very helpful and kind. Ann Allen and Ffion

Cain had a ball! Worthwhile event that entertained and encouraged creativity. Cai Jones and Cain

The festival was worthwile as it was good for children to socialise and get them interested in art. Leon King and Tegan.

The artists heped the children to think more about what to make. Mr. Neal and Evan

It was nice experience but also make you aware of environment. Friendly staff - my child had fun! We would love to attend more of these sort of events. Thank you. Leanne Lewis and Amelia

I loved the event because you could have fun and learn while doing art. Nicole Jones

It was good fun making a turtle. Emily Jones and helpers.

Yes, an explanation about leatherback turtels made me want to do a career in the environment. The artists were very good - it was a fantastic day. Ben and Beth Rees

The event educated the children and allowed them to get involved at first hand. Nicholas Rees and children

The festival gave the children a chance to be creative. Fantastico! Rosie Nash and children

The artist gave us good ideas to improve our sculpture using recycled materials. The event made people aware of the environment. Ray Mitchell and Rebecca.

I want to be a sculpture! Using natural materials and reuseable ones as well as lots of materails on a beach - enough for everyone - it was great. Very well run event and very friendly organisers. Mrs. Dacey and Caitlin







My children really enjoyed the event - excellent. The artists helped the children express themselves and they learnt the importance of keeping the beach clean. The festival gave them the opportunity to work outdoors,be creative and learn more about the environment. Helen Gittoes and LJ, Markie and McKenzie


The natural stream around the festival site kept everyone cool all day under the hot sun and was an interesting interplay and esssential ingedient for some scintillating sculptures built during the day.


The large sea snake was enjoyable to make and fun to ride upon.



Everyone was delighted with the beautiful artworks that covered the whole festival site. As the day came to a close, everyone agreed that it had been one of the best festival days ever with a great atmosphere and art that had captured everyone's imaginations and had been a shared experience. Everyone vowed to come again next year and left with the beach inspired with lots of ideas to follow up over the summer holidays.

The following day was the beginning of the Gower leg of the festival as part of the Nature Into Art Project by Sculpture by the Sea. Caswell Beach was the next destination...........on the 3rd day of the Festival

Thank you to our kind sponsors:-

All Photos by Phil Holden /Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2012

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