Blackpill Beach





Artists: Patricia McKenna, Rob Bermingham, Sara Holden, David Pitt, Laila Williams, Dave Marchant and Viv Rhule.

The feeling and scent of summer was in the air as the third day of our festival got off to a flying start at Blackpill Beach. With the wonderful view of the Mumbles and the interesting wildlife, this beach is special place, and has been officially recognised as such with its Site of Special Scientific Interest title. The materials here for making sculptures are immense - beautiful oyster, cockle and mussell shells emptied by the wading birds, driftwood, floatsam and jetsam are easily found at this expansive sandy beach.

Shell Spiral

A shoal of silver fish swim across the sand!

Fish by Young Carers Group pre-festival workshop

with David Pitt

The fish of our seas caught in a net.

Festival artwork about overfishing by

Parkland Primary Year 6 classes

made at Pre-festival workshop with David Pitt

The beach exploded with people making art on the fine shores of Blackpill.

Attaching the teeth of the beach dinosaur.

Angela creates a self portrait as a mermaid. The Oyster shells are perfect for a beautiful tail

Making a shell design around the sea horse



The Swans logo begins to take shape.

Shark by Year 2 of Oystermouth Primary School

made in pre-festival workshop with Sara Holden

A sea serpent beside the river is worked on by many families together. An intricate shell pattern is perfect for the grooves of its body, carved from beautiful ochre sand.

The assorted, colourful sea washed shells of Blackpill are the perfect material for embellishing an imaginative sculpture.

Absorbed in a wonderful childhood activity.

Participants' comments:

'We enjoyed using objects on the beach to make beautiful art'

These events are essential for children who need to spend more time with natural playthings and the natural world'

'Yes, we did it! really enjoyed it'

'It made me realise I was really good at moulding crab legs in sand!'

'The festival teaches young children all about the environment'

'It teaches that things don't have to cost a fortune'

'We learnt how to make art from discarded items and flotsam'

'Environmental events like this are crucial, crucial, crucial as they teach children to interact and create from their environment'

'It was lovely to meet the artists, learn about their work, outlook and to see my little one make art'

'I felt opened up with my creativity'

'The festival made us more aware and how to use the outdoors for education and enjoyment. We had a brilliant time, thanks!'

'We learnt about different sea creatures found at the beach'

Perfect Childhood memories.

A fantastic festival day enjoyed by all cultures and ages.



Thank you to all our kind sponsors:-


Nature Conservation Team

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery




Joshua's Barbers

Angela's @ Caswell

All photos by Phil Holden. Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2009

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