Day 4

Bracelet Bay, Mumbles







Artists: Ami Marsden, Viv Rhule, Dave Marchant, David Pitt, Sara Holden, Patricia McKenna and Marlo Flores


A family follow a sculpture trail at the edge of the water.


Bracelet Bay was our fourth destination for the 2011 Festival. The little bay, set in beautiful surrounding landscape of the Mumbles Hill Local Nature Reserve and cliff paths to Gower, is always a very popular festival venue each year. The hot sunshine and the opportunity to be creative on the beach, meant this year was no exception and the crowds kept coming all day.

More turned up as the artists packed away the banners and flags and were delighted with the display of sculptures left for them to see.

Sample of participants' comments:

We discussed endangered marine species. The event brings people together locally and brought out creativity in the children. Susan Jenkins and family

The children were really busy and had lots of fresh air and fun. Mandy Jenkins and family

Environmental art events like this are worthwhile as they help people get in touch with nature. Adam Upton

It was a superb day! Everard family

We were very happy - it was wonderful for the children to use natural materials created in a natural environment. Reggie Williams

The event was a great catalyst and stimulus for creativity. King Family

Environmental events like this provide outdoor activitiy for kids at a place for creative play. S. Walman

We throughly enjoy all the workshops at this event every year. Lisa Simons and family

It was lovely to spend time by the sea making art. Jessica Cobb









Project supported by Welsh Government Sustainable Development Fund




All Photos by Phil Holden /Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2011

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