Nature into Art Project

Port Eynon Beach

25th July





Artists: Viv Rhule, Sara Holden, Ami Marsden, Tina Marie Cunningham,Dave Marchant, Dan McCabe, David Pitt, Catrin Jones, Laila Willaims, David Lloyd and Lynne Denman. Project Photographer: Phil Holden

A new beach venue was added to our Festival on Gower- the beautiful Port Eynon horseshoe beach is a favourite with locals and its sandy shores with magnificant views to the left of the ruins of the Old Salt House and cliffs beyond to Slade and Horton beaches and to the left the landscape, cliffs towards the bay of Oxwich . The picturesque setting was a perfect place to hold the festival and the sun was shining down again as we began the day. Local children who had worked with Sculpture by the Sea on term time Nature Into Art workshops came with their families to work with the artists again and produced some beautiful seahorses, turtles and crab sculptures. Other people came to join in throughout the day and soon the beach was a wonderful open air gallery of sculptures for all to see.



A massive sea monster made from pebbles is washed over as the tide comes in, which was a great activity for these young boys.


The beautiful slate pebbles and seaweed, feathers and shells was used to create seahorses.



A huge octopus is created from coloured pebbles on Port Eynon Beach.



Putting the final details on this lovely mermaid was great fun.


A pair of well carved sea birds

Sample of Participant comments from Port Eynon Beach Festival:

We learnt at the festival that marine life is endangered and we are losing species every year. The children (and adults) learnt together to be creative and have fun. Megan and Henry Friend

The children explored and created sculptures with different materials whilst learning about endangered marine species. The festival was creative, thoughtful and great fun with the freedom of playing with nature products and experimenting with nature. Tom and Dan Fisher

The children's creativity was enhanced by the artists' acceptance of children's ideas in the artworks. Tomos and Frank Jones

The children used designing and making skills in the artist workshops. They really enjoyed the expeirence and worked co-operatively with other children. Hannah and David Bromham

Sharing a project with others was great and fomalising it made us take time out for it. It brought the local community together and we very much enjoyed it and would come again. the children were very excited about it and were surprisingly serious and industrious making the sculptures. Claudia, Eve and Iestyn Barron

The festival enables people to see the beach in a different light - to appreciate this wonderful natural resource and care for it. Great to get involved with local artists who feel passionate about their work and preserving the beach environment for future generations. RachelDuggan and William Surfleet

The festival was good education for the children. They were enthusiastic and very much enjoyed it. Ben and Ffion Cort

Our creativity was enhanced through the festival by using ideas, imagination, seeing others' sculpotures and interacting with grandchildren. It was a splendid day - all the artists were very approachable and friendly. Maggie lloyd and Nia Bevan

Environmental events like this are worthwhile as they increase environmental awareness. Sally Williams and Anna and Ben

It was fun for the children. Lloyd, Ben, Henry, Sam and Willaim Harrison.

Environmental festivals like this are worthwhile because they help to remind people in a creative way the importance of looking after the environment that we all live in. Sarah and Cara MacDonald

The Festival idea was very inspiring on such a lovely day as it brought people together and builds creativity. Hope this continues and Thank you. Lottie, Daisy and Sammy Gwinn.

The festival taught us about sea-life species. It was really good. Darrie and Sarah Bailey

Lovely time using natural resources to create a sculpture al of her own. Wished the festival had started years ago as it has enhanced her confidence. Pat Harris, Livvi O'Connor.


A beautiful crab made only from the yellow and orange pebbles on the beach to achieve the perfect crab colour was an absorbing activity.

A huge head is carved in the sand

and another seahorse!

The various and perfect materials found on the beach were used to make great three dimensional art, a perfect activity for children of all ages.


Thank you to our kind sponsors:-

A massive starfish sculpture engaged lots of children at the water's edge.

Pebble faces were a conversation piece.

As the festival ended in the late afternoon sun, people carried on playing with their sculptures. Everyone agreed that it had been the best ever sculpture festival and looked forward to next year's event.


An impressive spiral of life is created at the water's edge from medium sized pebbles collected on the beach.


We love Port Eynon Beach!

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