Day 6

Oxwich Bay






Artists: Sara Holden, Ami Marsden, Lynne Denman, Viv Rhule, Dan McCabe, Tina Marie Cunningham,Dave Marchant, Patricia McKenna, Marlo Flores.

The 6th and last day of the 2011 Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival - the grand finale - was held at Oxwich Bay on yet another wonderful hot and sunny summer day. The beach was packed all day long with people enjoying making art in the sunshine. People of all ages used the available found materials to create some very interesting artworks.




A medieviel house with seaweed roof

A large scale stingray fish made from limestone pebbles kept lots of people amused throughout the day. People became very resourceful finding materials and tried different art techniques of mosaics, using shells and stones as well as these interesting drip sculptures decorating a willow stage which were fun to make. The special sea stage was for a musical performance by artist/musician Lynne Denman. (see below). Lynne sang sea shanties and welsh songs, pleasing the audience on the beach.


Also popular was the Beach Recycle Band with instruments made from recycled materials.










Sample of participants' comments:

Our creativity was enhanced by talking to the artists and working with others. We found out about recycling materials and it brought folk together in an interactive not passive way at the beach. Evans Family

We really got ideas on what you can create out of shells, seaweed, etc. on the beach. It was very good for environmental awareness. Really great event that we will look forward to again next year! Anna Lisa Baly

We made a seahorse and my daughter got lots of ideas from watching the artists. Danni Kharkogi

The girls loved helping to make the stage and were told about conservation and wildlife - it was definately worthwhile. Daly family

It was a very interesting event and we how to learnt to create things. Williams Family

The children had fun in the music workshop and learnt some different tones. Tyler Family

The children's creativity was enhanced through the use of natural materials. It was good environmental education for children (and parents!) and very enjoyable. Fune Family

Through the event children got to kneow what to do with their time on the beach. It kept them happy and active. Pavell family

The children learnt about texture and colour in the environment. Environmental art events like this are worthwhile as they help us all understand and appreciate nature and each other in an otherwise techno based society. It was great, friendly, welcoming yet unobtrusive for others. Sara Bickel

It showed children what they can do with and in nature. We live in Guernsey but thanks for a great day. Family Waitz

The children love making things and this event suited them. Everything was lovely - very friendly and the children made very welcome. Thomas Family


A special mosiac border made from shells depicted the beautiful aspects of Oxwich and its wildlife, engaging lots of groups over several hours.



The octopus was fun to make and helped to educate the children about marine life.


Achieving a perfect balance is a satisfying task





A group of dolphins made from sand await the waves at the water's edge.

As the day came to a close, the artists reflected on what a great festival it had been again this year, with even more participants than the previous year. People had come and enjoyed the concept of the festival - to come together to celebrate and engage in a creative way with the stunning area of outstanding natural beauty that lies on our doorstep in Wales.

Project supported by Welsh Government Sustainable Development Fund




All Photos by Phil Holden /Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2011

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