Through the Seasons and Art in the Environment

A Project for Foundation Phase

SWANSEA PRIMARY SCHOOLS - Winter/brosiect 2009

Parkland, Terrace Road, St. Helens and YGG Llwynderw


Oxwich Beach and St Illtyd's Chapel School Art Trip

The new season of the project began in January 09 for two Year 4 classes from Parkland Primary School. They visited Oxwich on Gower Peninsula to link local history, geography and science with art.

Following up in school, four canvas paintings about Oxwich were produced by the children, as well as pastel work based on nature and wildlife. This achieved a sense of place, knowledge and empathy for the young participants with the beautiful Gower Peninsula, ultimately helping to protect and preserve it. The children also learnt a great deal about textures and colour in the landscape as well as researching the qualities of a place to produce artworks.




Artist Dave Marchant demonstrates sketching techniques


Sketches made in St. Illtyd's churchyard of the church building and surrounding landscape, together with historical information, informed sculptures created on the beach using natural found materials.



Sculpture themes also included a land figure horse based on an Oxwich myth, as well as a lion (above left) and woolly rhinosoros, the animals that would have frequented the place before the Ice Age.









The mysterious De La Mare Lady of the Knight of Oxwich






Artists: Dave Marchant and Sara Holden





A beautiful natural collage

Early year children from Terrace Road School created a large group collage in their school garden, using mixed natural materials. It was an ideal project for this age group, incorporating sorting, counting, organising and fitting together different shapes, patterns, textures and materials. This developed observation and motor skills as well as being a sensory experience for the children. They also learnt how our natural world inspires and provides materials for artworks that can be re-used and recreated again in different ways.

Artist: Laila Williams


Willow Friendship Dome

A colourful living willow dome shelter was created by Early Year children from YGG Llwynderw as a play-house in their new playground. They constructed and wove the shape and design features with wonderful green and yellow willow, developing their imaginations and early motor skills as well as helping them with numeric and observation abilities. Final touches to the dome were the addition of several spider webs and dangling spiders that the children enthusiastically made, informing them about the natural world.

The children also made a sea weaving on their playground fence from beach found objects and recycled materials from the Play Resource Centre. An important message was learnt in recycling and about different materials that can be used for art.






Both of these projects delighted the children and have contributed significantly to making their school environment more child friendly and visually enhanced.

Artist: Sara Holden













Reception children from St. Helens school created a large spider's web in their school grounds after visiting nearby Sandfields Beach to familiarise with Welsh landscape, inspire and collect materials for their sculpture. Early motor skills were enhanced with the tying, weaving and construction skills involved, as well as learning about the natural world. A feeling of achievement together with a sense of place, was experienced by these children.

Artist: Patricia McKenna

Well done to all the children involved!

Artists involved in project: Dave Marchant, Sara Holden, Laila Williams, Patricia McKenna.

Project Photographer: Phil Holden

To book Sculpture by the Sea Art in the Environment workshops in the Swansea and Neath areas please e-mail Sara Holden


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