Winter/Brosiect 2008

At Mumbles Hill Local Nature Reserve and Castle Woodlands, Mumbles

This interpretative nature and art project aims to achieve an awareness of a local natural environment and its wildlife for school children, through observation and study in an artistic way. The stimulation of natural creativity and imagination through environmental art increases confidence and well-being for participants. The importance of sustaining and preserving the natural places and its wildlife is highlighted, giving the children a lifelong understanding and appreciation of nature. Please scroll down for fully illustrated feature of the project.

Mae'r prosiect natur/celf ddeongliadol hwn yn anelu at greu ymwybyddiaeth ymhlith plant ysgol o'r amgylchedd naturiol a'r bywyd gwyllt lleol trwy wyliadwriaeth ac astudio mewn ffordd gelfyddydol. Mae symbylu creadigrwydd a'r dychymyg trwy gelf amgylcheddol yn cynyddu hyder a lles y cyfranogwyr. Amlygir pwysigrwydd cynnal a chadw lleoedd naturiol a bywyd gwyllt, gan ennyn dealltwriaeth gydol oes ymhlith y plant, yn ogystal â'r gallu i werthfawrogi byd natur.

Unusually mild and mostly dry, winter has been a wonderful season for the children to examine the bare structures of nature. Tree and landcape lines have been prominent and exciting for the children to recreate in their sketches and sculptures. Some beautiful drawings have been made by them at the reserve and in school about the place and its wildlife. They have experimented with natural pigments found on the reserve for their sketchbook work and also in their sculptures. They have revealed the lines, forms, patterns, colours and textures in nature within their resulting artworks. Exciting and sustainable material willow, in a spectrum of colours, has been used to weave, plait, twist and construct a variety of sculptures that have linked and informed, delighted and impressed others. Year 5 of Cwmbwrla School created a Welsh dragon from rocks on the reserve for St. David's Day and another from willow for a special school garden. They finished their happy day on the reserve with a short session on Bracelet Bay beach making sea sculptures, including turtles, starfish, octopusses and crabs Cwmbwrla's Year 6's wonderful stone sculptures on the nature reserve were captured and published in the Evening Post, much to the delight of the children. Sea View's Year 6's did some great charcoal sketches of views from the reserve as well as some balancing sculptures during their visit.

Portmead Primary created several sustainable sculptures for their school grounds based on the lighthouse and birds after their inspiring visit to the reserve in Autumn. Some beautiful sensory maps of the nature reserve were made by several schools, in particular YGG Pontybrenin, who have incorporated sounds into their maps. Children from Year 1 and Reception at Tre-Uchaf had a wonderful day on the reserve making sculptural shelters, based on the lighthouse. Following up in school, they made tiny birds based on the ones at the reserve from scunched newspaper, paint and feathers. These are displayed in the school in two willow trees, woven and plaited, that the children made. Juniors from YGG Felindre made beautiful yellow willow sculptures on the reserve based on time, using pendulums and other motifs to illustrate fragile aspects of nature. In school, they used felt to encapsulate found objects from the nature reserve and their school grounds.

YGG Llynderw again enthusiastically covered the far side of the reserve with their thoughtful, interesting and creative sculptures, enjoying their fourth visit to a special place. They used nearby Singleton Park for their follow up day, linking sculptures there with those they had made at the nature reserve. Oystermouth Primary enjoyed two lovely days at Castle Woodlands where they undertook a variety of activities, including sensory map making and sculpture. The large nest for children with a special tunnel entrance was their pride and joy where they happily played all afternoon. They also made a special leaf sculpture suspended between a triangle of trees. A great time was had by Tregwyr Infants who used willow and found materials to build a series of sculptures on the nature reserve. They also did some beautiful colour work.

The children have been inspired by the project They have enjoyed learning out of doors in the fresh air and having the opportunity to do that in a hands on way. Their natural curiosity is aroused through the natural art workshops, keeping focus and concentration levels high, boosting self-esteem and well being. The artworks produced are authentic and meaningful; about a place and its wildlife. They have been respected and appreciated by visitors to the reserve. Corridors in schools have become Through the Seasons displays with work depicting birds, hibernating wildlife, trees, maps, etc. to inform the rest of the school.

The project has engaged children and teachers with the countryside, has taught them about and used sustainable materials (grown, found and recycled), inspired to them to look at and appreciate nature and helped highlight the beauty and vulnerability of a special place and its wildlife. This has led to an increased interest in the nature reserve and other natural places for the workshop participants and the wider community.


An exhibition of the artworks and photos from the project will be held at the Environment Centre in Pier Street in Swansea from the 5th June to mid July, with a special launch between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm on the 5th June 2008.




Spring Season

March – April 08

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Summer Season

May - July 08

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If your school would like to get involved in this interpretative art project, please get in touch -

Os hoffai eich ysgol fod yn rhan o'r prosiect celf ddeongliadol hwn, cysylltwch â ni -

Project Artists: Dave Marchant, Sara Holden,Esther Ley, Viv Rhule and Sarah Griffin

Project Photographer Phil Holden BSc. (Hons)

All photographs/text Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2007

Sculpture by the Sea UK work in association with Art Development of Education Effectiveness and

Nature Conservation Team of City and County of Swansea and the Environment Centre, Swansea.

Exhibitions of artworks created by the children will be on display in schools and community places throughout the year.

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