Art in the Environment - a Project for Primary Schools

West Wales

Celfyddyd yn yr Amgylchedd - Prosiect i Ysgolion Cynradd



This exciting project began in the summer of 2010 and has now run throughout the autumn with a total of 74 workshops for local schools in Swansea and West Wales taking place. The “Art in the Environment” project aims to create a learning experience through exciting structured art activities that inspire children to discover, create and learn through their own experiences of the natural world. Focusing on natural forms and wildlife, it contributes to their understanding on habitats and species in two parts of Wales , as well as producing a body of artworks. Through a series of artist led workshops for the children and their teachers at local natural places and school grounds, the pupils had the chance to explore the natural world in exciting ways and learn about it through creating their artworks with natural, sustainable materials. A visual journey of the workshops is documented on this page. Primary Schools in two parts of Wales - see feature below West Wales (scroll down) and SWANSEA, enjoy creative out of classroom learning. Dechreuwyd y prosiect cyffrous hwn yn haf 2010 a bellach mae wedi'i gynnal drwy'r hydref gyda chyfanswm o 74 o weithdai i ysgolion lleol yn Abertawe a gorllewin Cymru. Nod prosiect 'Celfyddyd yn yr Amgylchedd' yw creu profiad dysgu drwy weithgareddau celf strwythuredig a chyffrous sy'n ysbrydoli plant i ddarganfod, creu a dysgu drwy eu profiadau ym myd natur. Gan ganolbwyntio ar ffurfiau naturiol a bywyd gwyllt, mae'n cyfrannu at eu dealltwriaeth o gynefinoedd a rhywogaethau mewn dwy ardal yng Nghymru, a hefyd yn cynhyrchu corff o weithiau celf. Drwy gyfres o weithdai o dan arweiniad artist i'r plant a'u hathrawon mewn mannau naturiol lleol a thir eu hysgolion, cafodd y plant gyfle i ymchwilio i fyd natur mewn ffyrdd cyffrous a dysgu amdano drwy greu eu gweithiau celf â deunyddiau naturiol a chynaliadwy. Disgrifir taith weledol o'r gweithdai ar y dudalen hon. Ysgolion Cynradd mewn dwy ardal yng Nghymru - gweler isod PHENFRO (sgroliwch i lawr) a ABERTAWE, yn mwynhau dysgu creadigol y tu allan i'r ystafell ddosbarth.


Templeton, Milford-haven,Tavernspite,Llansteffan,Prendergast, Maes-y-Morfa,

Pentip, Pembroke Dock,Ysgol Brechfa, Cosheston and Ysgol Hendy Gwyn,

With Artists Tina-Marie Cunningham, Jo Steadman, Clare Ferguson Walker and Dave Webb

Project Photographer Phil Holden

Llansteffan Primary School at Llansteffan Beach


On their visit to the beach, the children made observations of the landscape and found objects, taking memory snapshots. They explored the environment, using feet and hands to make patterns in the sand and using sticks to draw 2D pictures.


Running ( sideways) like a crab


Llansteffan Beach proved to be rich in inspiration and materials and showed the local children how to make full creative use of their local beach.

Drawing the village




They created sculptures on the beach using found material - a mix of representations of the landscape [natural and man made features], local biodiversity and fantasy sea creatures. The children produced a diverse range of 2D and 3D artwork, representing the landscape and biodiversity. They created sculpture [Llansteffan in driftwood] - with sea creatures.



Prendergast Primary School at Broad Haven Beach

The first day was spent on the beach and the children had great fun marking the tide as it went out at hourly intervals. Each group made lines of a contrasting colour following the path of the wave from coloured stones found on the beach.






Site-specific sculptures made on the beach from found objects, such as sand, shells and pebbles.




The whole day was spent learning about the habitats of the tide and its impact on things. The children discussed how everything has an impact on everything else. They also looked at different types of rock and habitats.



In school, the children created 'suspended rock pools', fish and sea creatures out of drift wood and other beach scavenged items, together with nails and washers.

Maes -y-Morfa Primary School at Pembrey Beach

On the first two days, the children learnt about how/why materials are washed up on the beach and how they can be used to create art. (man-made and natural materials). They also started to learn about the properties of different materials.




They also learned about some of the wildlife that can be found on the beach and estuary whilst they collected materials that would be used later in school to create sculptures.


Back in school, the children experimented with colour, texture, shape, learning how man-made and natural materials can be combined into different forms. They made a sculpture of a heron, taking into account structure, form/shape and the practicality of their ideas. The children added detail as they refined and finished their work. Finally, they were involved in the process of displaying their art in corridors and school grounds. The children responded very well and were very enthusiastic from the start.




Templeton Primary School at Colby Woodland Gardens

At Colby Woodland Gardens and nearby beach, the children created a human sundial throughout the day, marking time.




They then made a class trail to create land art in the dew on a bank. They also had fun exploring colour using plants that can create colour on paper and colour mosaics.

Drawing views and plant life with found materials, sticks etc. proved an interesting exercise that they all enjoyed and provided them with artwork to display in the classroom afterwards. Plotting on a map what had happened and where was a useful learning experience for all the children at the end of the day. At School, a large tree sculptural structure with woven arch-ways and leaf shapes hanging from the branches was built. The children used interesting pieces of wood that were found at Colby.

Tavernspite Primary School

After a visit to Manorbier Beach, the children created a sculpture in their school grounds from collected driftwood.

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