13th Sept 2014

Caswell Bay,









Sara Holden

Ami Marsden

Catrin Jones

Dave Marchant

Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

The annual Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival continued its journey along the beautiful stretches of golden sands in South Wales for the finale at Caswell Beach, in the heart of Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for two days in September. High tide greeted the artists as they arrived at the beach but soon retreated and they were able to gather some washed up and interesting found objects to combine with the silky sand.

Soon keen festival participants turned up with their families to enjoy another wonderful day of being creative and happy under the rays of the September sun. The marine creature theme was again a popular choice for children to create their sculptures as well as the usual mermaids and more abstract works. Everyone worked together, enjoying meeting new people and finding out about the place and its nature. Using their imaginations, the children played all day making beautiful art that inspired them and others on the beach. To see the rest of this photo feature and read some of the participants' comments, please scroll down. The second day of the September festival is linked from the bottom of the page.


Different materials on the shore are used to make different sculptures across the beach


Large shell with resident Hermit Crab is crafted from the beautiful soft sand at Caswell Beach

Large scale works engaged children and artists all day



A sun dial was made with a piece of driftwood and radiated out with spirals of shells and seaweed


Turtle Magic

Different tools and techniques were used for drawing

and making sculptures.

The dark seaweed washed up on the beach is perfect for the mane of a sea horse



Creative and happy childhood memories from the Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival to pass onto future generations.

Below Participants' comments.....



I made a limpet with lots of help and smiles from the artists. Events like this help everyone to get together. Pat

The children used different colour stones/ shells and made patterns in the sand. We learnt about shells where hermit crabs live and talked about creatures that live in rockpools and on the beach. Katie, Greenaway, Maisie, Milo and Matti Harper.

We made a starfish and had a great time. Alex and Lucy Robb

Our sculpture was based on the sun! It was great fun and the event was lovely to get the kids involved. Jo Brown and Harry Healing

We made a dolphin and we were very happy with it. The event was fabulous idea for the children. Gnazala, Adiy, Lorne, Joseph and Enarie Paneen

We made a crab and called him Colin! Environmental Art festivals like this make you think outside of the box. Anna, Michael, Brendan and Declan Colclough.

Oisin enjoyed decorating the starfish and was focused and enjoyed it for at least half an hour which is brilliant for a two year old. We learnt about different types of star fish. The festival brings art outside and allows children to take part. We really enjoyed it! Martina and Oisin McCrossan

We made a turtle which we were very happy with. The artists gave us new ideas for things we can do at the beach. The event was very worthwhile as it was oppotunity for community involvement. Suzanne and Guy Morris.

We loved the octopus we made. We learnt about marine creatures too whilst we being creative. Rose, Theo and Archie Hall

We made a seabass which we were very happy with. The festival gave us new ideas and we learnt all about different sea creatures. The festival brought people together and enhanced their creativity. Anna Watson and Nevin Balog and Regina Tihonou

We were fantastically happy and stimulated by the starfish we made! Events like this are very worthwhile as how else will children contact with nature - my generation has forgotten. Levinia

We made a big sun and were very happy with it. My kids loved it. Nancy Brown and Lois and Eben Simons.



Our Octopus was fabulous! We had a great time. Sophie, Sandra and Silvie

We were very happy with the jellfish we made. It was good to have the focus of an activity on the beach. Zara and Rose Cottle, Oiffa and Os Williams.

We loved the sea horse we made. It was good fun. Kieran and Isabella

The Geometric circle we made involved shapes, colours and layers. It was a good day with creative artists using the natural environment on the beach. Donna and Peggy Coyle

We made a sun dial from lots of things found on beach. My children were very entertained and the festival fed their imagination and knowledge of the environment. Events like this get people out to look at nature. Lexy Blackwell and Remy, Louie and Theo.

The final day of the festival was held the next day on Sunday, 14.9.14 at Caswell as part of the Love Your Countryside Festival. Scroll down to link to next day from bottom of page.


All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2014

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