Day 1

Bracelet Bay

Thursday, 9th August


Artists: Lynne Denman, Mike Hill, Patricia McKenna, Sara Holden, Ami Marsden, Tafadzwa Gundu and the Ali Sisters


Bracelet Bay in Mumbles was the first venue for the festival

With its interesting arrangement of rocks stretching out to the sea and stunning background of Welsh and Cornish landscapes, Bracelet Bay is unique in its own way. From the left hand side of the half pebbled-half sand beach, the Mumbles lighthouse, standing on its solitary island, stretches out towards the horizon. The inspirational backdrop and the enormous amount of natural materials such as coloured stones - mauve, jet blacks, pure whites and blue greys, became the focus of the artists and their participants. To show the fragile beauty of our world and its wildlife, to highlight what is sometimes taken for granted was our mission.



Starfish by Mike Hill

The huge leather back turtle, a threatened species, emerging from rocks at the back of the beach, created by Lynne Denman and her group, was a poignant example of some of the meaningful sculptures created during the festival. The turtle and other sea life are in danger of ingesting plastic bags that people leave on beaches.

The carefully placed stacks of rocks balanced by both Ami Marsden and Mike Hill and their participants that were dashed eventually by the incoming tide, illustrated perfectly how life is very temporary and greatly influenced by outside factors.

Patricia McKenna worked with youngsters to produce a willow and sea weed sea mandala with different religious symbols.

Sea horses, starfish and sea cairns were made all along the beach by Sara Holden and groups of people enjoying the sunshine and being creative.

A seal emerges from the sand, by teenagers.

Fish by Mike Hill

Representing cultural solidarity, freedom and unity, Tafadzwa Gundu and the Ali sisters created sculptures that also contained elements of their cultures, using different coloured pebbles and seaweed for detailed mosaics.

A rock is really a sea monster, with an unaware person sitting on the tail! created by Patricia and team. (Natural washable pigments used)

Hand in friendship by the Ali sisters.

Festival goers create a sculpture

It had been a great day with people of different cultures and ages joining in. As the tide begun to come in, Lynne Denman took centre stage on a prominent rock on the beach and sang some songs from her latest album of English and Welsh Folk Songs. This was much appreciated and applauded by everyone. It was real treat to hear her beautiful voice in such a lovely setting and a great end to a creative day.


Nature Conservation Team

Thank you to all our sponsors

All Photos by Phil Holden /Copyright SBS 07

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