Sunday, 12th August

Caswell Bay, Gower

Artists: Dave Marchant, Viv Rhule, Sara Holden and Patricia McKenna

For the final day of the Swansea leg of the festival, Caswell Bay was the perfect choice. People began to arrive prepared for a hot and creative day as the sun shone on. Many had been at the festival the day before and wanted to try out new ideas and work with other artists. Some had brought their friends to have a go. Families on holiday - from Bristol, North Wales, England and even Spain! had come down to take part especially and they now worked alongside Welsh families, making friends and enjoying a positive time. People loved the idea of using the natural materials together with the wildlife theme and some very ambitious sculptures begun to appear as inhibitions disappeared and they got creative!


Spiralling across the beach with white shells and coloured pebbles


Sand sharks, by Dave Marchant and group, leap across the beach.

Fashioned from an old washed up tree stump, Neptune with a seaweed gotee and trident was made by Viv Rhule and participants.

Beautiful woven fish by young girls


People had travelled far to attend - this beautiful swimming dolphin was created by a carpenter on holiday, who enjoyed using his carving skills.

A young festival goer finishing off the shark's tail

Starfish were a popular sculpture theme for lots of different participants. This one, created by Sara Holden and a visiting family, was decorated with beautiful shells and seaweed and was about twelve feet across. People seemed to enjoy collecting the materials and became very resourceful and creative with their designs.

Making a sea snail

A bowl of fruit that looks good enough to eat by a holidaying family.

As the tide moved rapidly up the beach at the end of our last day at Caswell, the artists and their participants took a last look at their beautiful artworks. It had been an inspirational and happy time for all, making the sort of good memories that we would all remember for years to come. Even people who would not normally do art had got involved. We had spread a powerful message to people through the sculptures - to look after and appreciate our very special, precious and limited natural resources, to think of and see the beauty of our wildlife and beaches. This message would be carried on at our next destination for the festival - at Amroth Beach in West Wales in two weeks time.


Massive Enchanted Castle by Patricia McKenna and team.


A sea tipee for Luca and mum Annabel was fun, interactive and kept a young two year amused!



Nature Conservation Team

Caswell Beach Cafes
Thank you to our sponsors

All photos by Phil Holden/Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK/Cerflun ar lan y Mor 2007

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