Wednesday 14th August 2013

Aberavon Beach

Aber Afan






Artists: Viv Rhule, Sara Holden, Catrin Jones and Dave Pitt

Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

On the second day of the Aberavon Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival, the beautiful weather pattern of hot sunshine was broken with heavy rain for several hours. In between the showers, the artists went onto the beach to create some sculptures to encourage and entice people who had braved the weather to take part in the festival.

Children learnt how to weave willow sculptures, as well as using the main material available of golden sand at Aberavon beach to sculpt with.

A spiral and a Bottle-Nosed Dolphin were enjoyable to create from the soft, silky sands.

Large scale sea birds were drawn into the sands at the water's edge, using different tools to create different textural marks and patterns.

An Octopus with a willow body and long tentacles was dug out of the sand and decorated with holes made with sticks for its suction pads. The children involved enjoyed using their imaginations as they helped to make the sculpture and they learnt about the different marine species as they worked. Small fish were then created between the tentacles, and a mermaid with shells and a spider crab were added to the group, telling a story of sea life.








A Brittle Starfish sculpture was created from dark seaweed that contrasted with the lighter sand and was decorated with shells found along the shore. The vast sandy beach was a perfect place to enhance drawing skills on a large scale and large rakes, spades as well as sticks were employed to make trails, patterns and bird drawings.



We made an octopus, mermaid and a crab with our artist which added to our holiday. the festival was a great surprise, despite the rain and we will have great ideas to try at home and on other beaches. Steve and Louise Deary + 2 children

The festival helps to educate the children about the environment as well as being fun. Mr. Barham and Kacie

The artist gave the children innovative and new ideas and we learnt about recycling. It was a lovely day out. Mrs. Owen + 4 children

We wouldn't thought of making shapes on such a grand scale but it was very successful. It showed the children how to be creative with things they found on the beach. Andrea Walter and Noah



The beautiful sand was perfect to mould a portrait and the seaweed and shells provided realistic features to delight a young girl.


By the end of the afternoon, despite the wet weather, the beach was adorned with interesting sculptures and drawings that had engaged people in the making and also were a source of surprise and interest to others walking along the beach. They could clearly be seen from the sea front promontory above, adding an aerial dimension to the works. Another year of a successful festival had been achieved and the artists packed away the flags and banners for another year.

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All Photos by Phil Holden . Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2013

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