Day 1

Saturday, 21st July

Marina Beach, Swansea, SA1






Artists: Ami Marsden, Sara Holden, Tina-Marie Cunningham, David Pitt, Laila Williams, Patricia McKenna, Project Photographer: Phil Holden.

Marina Beach in the heart of the beautiful seaside City and County of Swansea was the first venue for the annual Sculpture by the Sea UK Festival this year. The beach is situated beside the old dockland and the Marina as well as the waterfront residencies, flats and new buildings that are now part of the seascape. The view westwards is of Mumbles and the lighthouse on its distinctive twin islands. The other skyline iconic local building - the Observatory at Marina Beach, overlooked proceedings at the festival providing artistic inspiration. A steady stream of participants arrived all day to join in the festival working with the team of artists to create beautiful and interesting sculptures based on endangered marine species to adorn the beach.



Children work with an artist to create a dolphin from the ochre sand at Marina Beach.

Sea snail


The children learnt about endangered marine species as they worked with artists to make site specific sculpture using natural found materials such as sand, shells and driftwood.









Sample of participants' comments about the festival:

It was a great event as children always love playing with sand, etc. Mrs. Groves and Alfie and Freddie.

The natural environment is the perfect venue for events like this. It was a perfect day. Paul O'Connell and Bo

It was good for the children. Kathryn Collins and Tomos, Tyanna and Kian.

It was a creative endeavour. We learnt about shells and their names.Bridget Walls and Humphrey.

Environmental festivals like this are worthwhile as they are a learning experience and a great social event. Kay Cross and children

The event enhanced children's understanding of what damage can occur through litter etc. We really enjoyed! Claudia Davies and Olivia and Carwyn.

I was very pleased with the event and would like more like this during the year, not just summer holidays. Mrs. Balog and Nevin.

The event encourages awareness of local issues and helps the kids enjoy the seaside. the artists are very friendly, helpful and encourage the children to be creative. Kevin Otteson and Connor and Poppy.

Sean and Christain enjoyed having a go and had fun on the beach. Mr. Atkins and Sean and Christain.

It was definately a good event and great for families to get involved. Will be back next year! Cherie Adamson and Aaminah, Ishola and Tayyib.

It was a good way to involve children. Mrs. Hayman and Jack, Polly and Gracie.

It was a lovely opportunity for the children to explore the seaside and its natural beauty. Ava Hopkins and Isabelle Tracey.

The event taught us that we can have fun with what's around us - no need to buy products. It's important for young peopleto take notice of nature around us. Please keep this going! June Griffiths and Jack, Lara and Phill.

We loved the event - my daughter found it very interesting and it was a great activity for her. Mrs. Bevan and Rhian.

It was a lovely day for the children. Mervyn Hughes and child

The event was great for the local community. Ron McLean and two children

Our creativity was enhanced by the festival with the use of all surrounding natural elements and materials. It was a very nice afternoon. Mrs. Orrin and Stella and Violette.

The event raised our environmental awareness, was fun in an interactive way. Lindy North and Ciaran and Aidan.

It was very worthwile; a great lift and opportunity to use natural element creatively. The area looked happy, beautiful and alive. Continue, continue, continue......Paula Harries and children

It was a great way to educate the children from a young age through fun. Thought it was well organised. Mrs. Richards and Mia and Luke.

It brings communities together. Jonathan Bebb and Samantha Wynne

The festival was worthwhile as kids love them and it involves a great use of the beach whilst promoting taking care of our beautiful beaches. Mrs. Mongi and Nia, Noaa, Joshua and Rhian

The event gave us confidence to experiment and we found out about endangered marine species. Chris Toft and Lily

It was great for families. Cherie Taygib and Aaninah and Ishola



Large scale shark had lots of participants involved and was much admired by people walking on the beach all day.





Large raked designs were drawn in the vast stretches of beach at the Marina, the paths of which were followed by many participants during the day. These huge mazes and labarinthal drawings were the delight of all interacting with them.


The beach recycled band was a great hit with lots of children all day as they enthusiastically played sea music adding a sound element to the sculpture festival.

Neptune princess with seabird feather head dress and willow trident







There was a great sense of pride, achievement and excitement with lots of creative energy and engagement from everyone throughout the first day of the festival at Marina Beach

Participants discussed with the artists the marine creatures they created and the lives they lead as well as our interactions with them.




As the day drew to a close, the beach was temporarily covered with the most magnificent of marine creature sculptures. The weather had been a lovely sunny one for the first day of the festival and the children's summer holidays. As the tide approached to once again wash the shore, the artists packed up their tools. Tomorrow would see the festival move to its second beach venue at Blackpill.

Thank you to our kind sponsors:-

All Photos by Phil Holden /Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2012

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