Day 3

Blackpill Beach






Artists: Viv Rhule, Dave Marchant, Sara Holden, David Pitt, Marlo Flores and Tina Marie Cunningham

Blackpill Beach was the festival venue on the 3rd day with people arriving all day to work with the artists to make some interesting and beautiful natural sculptures.

A shell sea curtain


A beautiful mermaid in shell bikini basked in the hot sunshine, made by these young children and their artist.





The head and body of the dinosaur was made from driftwood by lots of young boys working with their artist.

A colourful mosaic fish swims across the beach.


Two boys create a sports boat at the edge of the river.

The 'pink' girls made this beautiful bird mosaic from the beautiful shells and pebbles that they found on the beach.

Collecting the right shells - mussells - to create the skin of the Killer Whale.

The Killer Whale, an endangered species, was a wonderful achievement and kept this family amused all afternoon.

A beautiful crab is made using oyster and cockle shells to outline its body and claws.


Sample of participants' comments:

The artist helped us to get a realistic shape for our Killer Whale and encouraged exploring to find the appropriate shells. We had a fabulous four hours interacting with nature and working together. Bourke Family

We were thrilled with the killer whale. Environmental art events like this are very worthwhile without a doubt - Matthew was totally absorbed for hours! Marshall Family

It educated the children about endangered species. S. Coleman

We learnt that from very simple things you can make amazing sculpture. Mombeini family

The children learnt about care for our lovely planet. Everything was great and very friendly. Marilyn Morgan and 5 girls


A wonderful multi textured starfish stretched out across the beach.


A wonderful festival day was enjoyed by many and the beach was covered in lots of sculptures that would be enjoyed until the tide arrived to reclaim its treasures. The next day of the festival would be held at Bracelet Bay.




at The Junction Cafe

The Environment Centre




All Photos by Phil Holden /Copyright Sculpture by the Sea UK 2011

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