Oxwich Beach, Gower





Artists: Viv Rhule, Sara Holden, Ami Marsden, Patricia McKenna, David Pitt, Catrin Jones, Laila Williams and Tina-Marie Cunningham. Project Photographer: Phil Holden

Moving down the coast to the beautiful bay of Oxwich on the Gower Peninsula, the festival site was soon full of people wanting to make the most of the day's hot sunshine beaming down on proceedings. The ochre sand was perfect for forming some large sculptures on the beach of different marine creatures and for sculpting in general other interesting and thought provoking artworks. It was great to see children getting involved and their imaginations and creativity being put to good use. As the day wore on they grew in confidence and looked happy and relaxed as they made new friends and talked with the artists about art and nature.

Driftwood Totem with feathers and sea weed plaited and made into rope with shell adornments







A mammoth building from the pale ochre sands involved lots of children.







The beach jewellery workshop was very popular with young girls, using seaweed and shells threaded onto twine. Searching for the shells and seaweed gave them an awareness of the beach.


Sample of participant's comments at Oxwich Beach Festival:-

It was lovely to have an activity at the beach, we learnt the names of shells, crabs, jellyfish and cockles. Environmental Events like this are super to have artists showing the kids how to be creative with the nature of the beach. Olivia, Alistair, Sebastian Robequin.

Events like this are definitely worthwhile. It's gret to see children / adults of all ages mixing together. My daughter had the best time. Alicia

We learnt about endangered species at the festival whilst we made jellyfish and starfish. Evan and Emily Turner

We were shown pictures of different species and made a starfish. We also made new friends whilst working on the sculpture. Olivia and joel Bragg

We were super happy with the sea lion called Ryan we made! Ryan and Callum Honey

I Liked doing and making things in the sand with artists. Emma and Katie Demery

The festival gave me inspiration to work with different materials. I made a personalised sundial. The festival was worthwhile as it involved young people. I definitely enjoyed the day and also my day at Caswell yesterday. Christoph Klaussner

Festival like this are worthwhild for the creative inspiration they bring. It should be run more often. Mary Stott

Our creativity was enhanced through thinking about shapes, textures, size and colour and collecting materials. It was a great day with lots of people relaxing creatively. Stanley, Fred and Davina Nelson

We learnt how to use the local environment in a fun way without causing damage. Best fun I have had in ages. James Marlow

The festival was very entertaining - nothing should be changed as it was well directed. We learnt about starfish habitats and the food cycle. Leo, Logan and Mackenzie Thomas

Our creativity was enhanced through the festival by attempting things that would not normally have been done. Festivals like this are great to encourage awareness of Art and Environment. Really lovely atmosphere on the beach. The festival encourages people to talk to each other and to have confidence to try to make things. Alana, Ayla, Jodie and Gabriella

The festival helped me to think about how to use my creativity and it enhanced my imagination. I learnt about tides movement and its relationship with the moon. Lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed. Owen McGregor

We found out about endangered species and we enjoyed making and creating - Lovely to have this event. Makenzie and Kaden Jervis

The event was very educational and creative. thank you. Sonja Hodiway

I had fun being creative and finding natural things to be creative with. Events like this are worthwhile to encourage young people to make their own fun. Leach Welch

The children made turtles and they really enjoyed it. Victoria, Ford, Alice, Lewis, Harry, Jess and Isabella Hewitt

We really enjoyed helping with a sculpture and we saw lots of other great art on the beach too. Mosses Hookway













Thank you to our kind sponsors:


As the day drew to a close, the beach was adorned with some beautiful artworks. However, the tide was approaching again and the artists packed up their tools and banner ready for the next day of the festival at Port Eynon.


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